Dutch Gem Academy

Gem Identification #1 - Practical Class Outline

The Gem Identification #1 workshop is held over five days and will cover the following 'compulsory' gemstones based on colour and transparency. Study stones will include faceted and cabochon cut gemstones in addition to rough specimens.


At least two examples of each crystal system (illustrating the symmetry characteristics of that particular crystal system) will be available for students to study.

Colourless & White Red Pink Orange Yellow Green
Natural Diamond Ruby Sapphire Sapphire Natural Diamond Natural Emerald
Cubic Zirconia Spinel Spinel Topaz Sapphire Green Beryl
Lab-created Moissanite Tourmaline Kunzite Citrine Quartz Zircon Tsavorite Garnet
GGG Almandite Garnet Topaz Spessartite Garnet Chrysoberyl Sapphire
YAG Rhodolite Garnet Beryl Hessonite Garnet Topaz Peridot
Zircon Pyrope Garnet Tourmaline Zircon Beryl Zircon
Natural Sapphire Zircon Rose Quartz Sunstone Citrine Quartz Tourmaline (Verdelite & Chrome)
Lab-created Spinel Lab-created Spinel Lab-created Spinel Fire Opal Scapolite Alexandrite
Quartz Coral Glass Amber Tourmaline Demantoid Garnet
Topaz Chalcedony Copal Resin Cubic Zirconia Jadeite
Glass Glass Glass Glass Nephrite
Spinel Triplet

Optional Stones by Colour Grouping

Depending on where this class is held, students will also have access to a wide variety of 'optional' gemstones including:

Colourless & White

Lab-created Rutile, Strontium Titanate, Lithium Niobate, Phenakite, Tourmaline, Beryl, Grossular Garnet, Danburite, Jadeite, Imitation Coral, Jasper, Coral.


Sphalerite, Sphene, Spessartite Garnet, Colour Change Garnet, Garnet-topped Doublet, Topaz, Beryl, Sunstone, Alexandrite, Lab-created Alexandrite, Jadeite, Imitation Coral, Jasper, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Amber, Copal Resin, Fire Opal.


Benitoite, Diaspore.


Sphalerite, Sphene, Spinel, Tourmaline, Beryl, Bakelite.


Sphalerite, Sphene, Grossular Garnet, Spinel, Danburite, Apatite, Brazilianite, Hiddenite, Phenakite.


Garnet-topped Doublet, Spinel, Chrysoberyl, Epidote, Kyanite, Idocrase, Sinhalite, Diopside, Kornerupine, Hiddenite, Enstatite, Euclase, Apatite, Andalusite, Topaz, Brazilianite, Ekanite, Quartz, Moldavite, Obsidian, Chrome Chalcedony, Amazonite, Grossular Garnet, Aventurine Quartz, Chalcedony, Dyed Jasper, Maw-Sit Sit.

Please Note:

Classes are held from 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4pm with scheduled coffee breaks in the mornings and afternoons.

All equipment is provided by the Dutch Gem Academy.