Dutch Gem Academy

Gem Identification #1


Level Three - Basic & Advanced Gemmology, Gem Identification or Equivalent


5 Days (30 Hours)

Topics Covered Include

This five day workshop provides 'hands-on' experience working with an array of gem testing instruments at a fully-equipped workstation. Gemstones covered in this workshop belong to the colourless, red, pink, yellow, orange and green colour groupings. To view the gemstones covered in this workshop, please click here.

Tests and Examinations

There is a ten stone 'Preparatory' practical test at the end of this workshop. This test is designed to give participants experience working in an 'Exam Environment' in preparation for the final twelve stone practical examination required for those taking the Career Gemmologist or Coloured Gemstone Professional Diploma Programs.

Course Credits

Program and
							Course Flow Chart

Upon the successful completion of this course you will receive course credits towards both the Career Gemmologist Diploma and Coloured Gemstone Professional Diploma Programs.

Cost: € 500 (Euros)

In Class

This course is offered at the Dutch Gem Academy.

Calendar: Dates this course is offered at DGA.


If you reside outside of Holland, please contact DGA at information@dutchgemacademy.com for more information.